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Our Mission

To Mobilize Empathy for all species and the world we share.

Our Focus Areas


Underserved Communities

Equality begins with access. We work with marginalized communities to enable education, healthcare and nutrition.


Animal Welfare

Reducing the suffering of non-human animals by providing communities with free veterinary care. In addition to rescue and rehabilitation of countless homeless animals, we focus on sterilization, vaccination and public education to create a sustainable impact.


Environmental Activism

In addition to supporting wildlife organizations and hosting community cleanups, MMF is firmly committed to promoting a vegan lifestyle. Going vegan has been proven to be one of the best ways to help our planet!

Projects We Support 


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Costa Rica

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Jayal Kumari Primary School

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Flow Forward

Sanitary Pads Project in Uganda & Nepal to keep girls in school. nd we will link it to separate page for this project or for each one. We can take a call,

Emergency Covid-19 Relief - Uganda 

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Emergency Covid-19 Relief - Nepal 

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Warm Hearts 

Winter is difficult for all creatures, particularly homeless and shelter animals. Warm Hearts provides beds, blankets and sweaters to shelters in an effort to help animals get through the cold winter months. 

Wildlife Rescue

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CARE Curriculum 

Education is meant to cultivate both intellect and character. Humane and environmental education is a critical component of character development. Through the CARE Curriculum, students learn about our connection to all living beings and how each individual can help create a better, kinder world.

Through CARE Curriculum, children have the opportunity to visit with rescue animals, participate in community cleanups and experience the transformative power of empathy in action.

Our Results


Animals Spayed and Neutered


Animals Rescued and Treated


Plant-based Meals Served


Disbursed As Grants


Girl Students Helped

A Bit of Magic

Happy Stories of Rescues and other good things we’ve made possible:

Service picture

Chimamanda A

Project Flow Beneficiary, Uganda

School attendance among girls in Uganda is abysmally low, especially during their menstrual cycles. This is due to a lack of awareness about the cycles, and the hygiene associated with it. Thus we launched Project Flow, which has helped girls like Chimamanda remain in class, even on 'those' days. 

Help end the suffering of homeless animals

Please support our Spay, Neuter and Vaccination Efforts.

About Magic Marble Foundation

Magic Marble Foundation works to alleviate the suffering of underprivileged human and non-human animal populations by providing planet-friendly support including food, housing, medical treatment, education, and the financial assistance required to procure these basic needs.



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    Project Flow

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